Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions of sale

1. Before any corporate or editorial use of photos from the database Panoramic, the client is deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

2. Panoramic gives no ownership rights to the pictures she provides other than the right of reproduction and / or public communication and / or distribution on a non-exclusive, non transferable, for use as shown on invoice. Any other use, including advertising, is prohibited without prior negotiation on the amount of duty, followed by a written agreement by the agency Panoramic.

3. The customer chooses and selects the photographs under his sole responsibility.

4. The customer makes his case for all uses of a photograph outside its original context without the responsibility of Panoramic being involved. The customer agrees to make only minor modifications of the photograph might undermine, or its perception as it appears on the site of Panoramic. Any change captions accompanying the photographs Panoramic is the sole editorial responsibility of the customer. In addition, the customer agrees to comply with any restrictions on use accompanying photographs.

5. The customer agrees to include the copyright notice, and the name of the photographer, as indicated by Panoramic on each photograph. When using photographs as part of an electronic-type site Web, CD-ROM or Intranet, the customer agrees to include a legible (or on each page or in a tab or CREDITS LEGAL) the following: All rights reserved © Panoramic (agency source such that indicated by Panoramic if applicable). The photographs reproduced herein are protected by intellectual property rights held by Panoramic, and none of these photographs can not therefore be reproduced, modified, transmitted, redistributed, sold, exploited commercially or reused in any manner whatsoever without the prior of Panoramic.

6. The photos posted in the publishing of a website will be released in accordance geometry up to 600 x 400 pixels.

7. In terms of human personality, including the right of publicity, the use of a photograph can give rise to challenges from individuals on the cliché, property owners, owners of trademarks and signs presented. Regarding sports, the use of a photograph can give rise to challenges from potential sponsors, clubs, sports federations, and organizing committees for special events. The client is aware that Panoramic can get all the permissions on the images it achieves real-time as part of its information. In no event shall the liability of Panoramic only be pursued because of lack of prior authorization by the legitimate mission of information.

8. No image of our site is "model released" if not specified explicitly in the caption of the image. It is up to the end user to clarify all the rights associated with the use of a Panoramic Photo.

9. No variation in these terms and conditions shall be effective without the express permission of Panoramic.

10. For orders confirmed in writing with Panoramic and canceled less than a week before his execution, 50% of the rate originally planned will be charged to the customer.

11. For orders confirmed in writing with Panoramic and canceled after the date of actual use reported in the original agreement, 100% of the order will be billed to the customer.


13. In case of non-payment within 30 days of issuance of the invoice, Panoramic reserves the right to revoke its agreement with the client, or at its option, to charge interest to the customer at 4% above the annual official rate published by the Bank of France on the rest due.

14. After expiration of the agreement between the client and Panoramic, all images in the possession of the latter should either be destroyed or returned to Panoramic. No storage or integration into a database of third parties may be authorized.

15. Proof of the use of images according to the agreement between Panoramic and the customer will be provided automatically to Panoramic, in any form whatsoever. (Pdf link or digital copy, photo, or any other known or unknown to date).

16. A monthly newsletter is sent to all of our professional contacts with opportunity to unsubscribe.

17. These terms are governed by French law. In case of dispute, only the court of Nanterre (92) will have jurisdiction.

Terms & Conditions specific to photographic prints

18. The customer is considered as having acquainted and accepted these general terms of sale.

19. The customer chooses and selects the photographs in his sole responsibility.

20. Rates are indicated during the seizure of the basket in duty-free.

21. Payment is made with order by the means of payment accepted by Ogone solution or by check payable to Panoramic Communication - 34 avenue Kléber - 92300 Levallois Perret.

22. The delivery time varies depending on the size of the selected photographic print. It will be at least of 5 business days for Metropolitan France.

23. Our photographic prints are intended for strictly personal use and for a unique use. Any other reproduction or use is forbidden without our formal preliminary agreement on the amount of duty.