About us

Panoramic is a news agency specializing in photography created in 1994 by Eddie and Gilles Eyrignoux Biguerd. The agency covers the major national and international events both in the field of sports, news or the people through his photographs, local and foreign correspondents.

She also realizes that many reports of PR operations, press conferences, the photocall, backstage TV shows and movies or shooting studio or magazine. Panoramic is the official agency of the largest media companies (Canal + Overseas, Hachette, Mondadori, Prisma, Laffont, Cape Horn, ...), clubs (Lille, Lens, Montpellier) and bodies such as the INSEP and Ministry of Sports.

Panoramic stands available 7 / 7 days to its customers through highly responsive during transmission of images. The library is enriched daily and offers far more than 1,000,000 images.